Romance To Change Lives

Can a date change your life? Many London escorts expect a knight in shining armor to come through the door. If you join a London escorts service to meet Mr Right you will on most occasions end up disappointed. That being said, I do know a few London escorts who have been lucky in love and met Mr. Right at the London escorts that they worked for. It happened to me as well, and believe me, nobody was more surprised than me.

My night is called Andrew and I met him on a business date with London escorts. Out of all of the guys I had dated at London escorts, it would be fair to say that he was not the most gorgeous guy. In fact, Andrew was rather average looking but at he had this amazing sense of fun. From the moment we met, we ended up laughing and having fun together. It was just great and I have to say that I had never expected to meet a guy like Andrew.

The date was arranged by another guy who arranges a lot of dates with London escorts. At the end of it, Andrew and I felt that we liked each other and ended up exchanging phone numbers. A couple of nights later, we hooked up after I had finished my shift with London escorts and went for a drink. For some reason, I felt a bit unsure of what to expect, but we ended up having a lot of fun on our date. He was just a great guy and I felt myself falling in love with him

Andrew’s lifestyle was rather different from mine. Like so many other men you will find booking escorts in London, he was very well off. But, he did not like to brag about how much money he had like my other dates at London escorts. Instead, he showed me a lot of affection and it was clear that he really enjoyed and liked my company. We started to see each other on a regular basis, and even spend the weekend together. Every date was different. There is no way that you could call Andrew a traditionalist when it came to dating.

I have now left London escorts service and Andrew and I are living together in what he calls domestic bliss. He has had a huge impact on my life and I love every moment that I spend with him. Instead of working for London escorts, I have found myself running my own little business here in London. Its something that I never thought that I would be doing and I love it. I have received a lot of encouragement from Andrew and when he offered to set me up in business, I could have jumped for you. We still have a lot of fun together and I hope that we are going to stay for the rest of our lives. Like I have said to my former London escorts colleagues, I think that this may be a match made in heaven.

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