Keeping Clean For Sex

Sex is a pleasurable activity. We usually do all we can to make it more and more enjoyable. Ensuring our bodies are clean is one of the things we need to do in order to have great sex. Over the years, people come up with more and more ways of making sex feel better and last longer. Here’s how ensuring you have a clean body helps.

Importance of keeping yourself clean during sex

Keep the attraction going

Have you ever wondered why you are more likely to get laid in a clean massage room rather than a dirty old strip club? It’s because you are naturally attracted to clean things. As you take off your partner’s clothes and start making direct body contact, you don’t want to smell his or her sweat. This can actually be a turn off for many people. What you actually want is to feel the smooth clean skin as it rubs up against your body. Once you are clean you end up having a greater experience during sex.


If you know you properly cleaned your body before sex, then you don’t have a problem letting your partner get close to you, touch you, smell or make any other sexual move towards you. You will not have a problem undressing and letting him or her enjoy your lustrous body. This is not usually the case when you are just out of the gym or you’ve just been jogging. You find it hard to enjoy sex since you will always be self-conscious. You may prefer to have a quick shower before you get down to business but that just ruins the moment. Once you are contented with how clean you are you won’t feel like you are embarrassing yourself if you get naked and let your partner start licking all the parts of your body.

Avoid infection

We do all sorts of stuff to each other to get the most out of sex. We find ourselves licking the bodies of our partners, giving ‘head’, and a lot of other things. For men, keeping your dicks clean is important since if you’re going to have oral sex you don’t want your partner to get infections.

Women are the most vulnerable to bacterial infections. A slight change in the PH of their vaginas and bacteria start thriving. Escorts should always be clean to give their clients maximum pleasure. It is best to keep yourself clean so that you enjoy the sex and there are no chances that you will infect your partner.

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